School: Tomghéis (roll number 9239/9277)

Tumgesh, Co. Mayo
M. Ó Casaide
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0123, Page 173

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0123, Page 173

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  3. XML “The Foolish Boy”

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  1. The foolish boy.
    There were once two boys who were very poor on account of their mother and father being dead. One of them grew up to be very wise and the other very foolish. One day they made up their minds to go out in the world in search of a living. They went along and begged food during the first day until at last they reached an old ruined house of which the door was closed. They went on and seeing that there was no one in it they slept there for the night. The next morning being wet the foolish boy brought the door and put it on his back to shelter him from the rain. They kept going along for that day in the same manner as they day before, until they reached a wood. The foolish boy decided to stay there for the night and to go up in a tree. So, that they did and the foolish boy held the door up for shelter.
    They weren't long there until a crowd of robbers came, after having robbed a king's place. They had a stack of gold and a half of a bullock. They put down a big fire at the butt of the tree and started to roast the meat. The foolish boy began to get tired of holding up the door so he said he would let it go down. The wise boy advised
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