School: Gleann Calraighe (roll number 15864)

Gleann Chalraí Íochtarach, Co. Mayo
Nóra Ní Riagáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0139, Page 125

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0139, Page 125

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  1. Sgéal: There lived a man once in Glencullen named Cuff. He brought a calf at the fair of Bangor, from a man named Ruddy. He had not the money to pay for the calf, but he promised he would give it when he would get it.
    As it went from day to day and year to year the man had no sign of paying the money no more than the day he bought the calf.
    At last the man got very vexed and he told him he would process him.
    Then he processed him and Ruddy went to a loyar. He said he would give four pounds to him if he would free him. He said he would not free him if one thing would not do it.
    Get an old pair of shoes and a suit and cut a green scraw[?]. Leave it on the top if your head with the grassy side up. Get an old hat and cut a hole in the top of it. The day of the court came and Ruddy did as the loyar told him. At last his case was called and Cuff said that he sold the calf to Ruddy but he got no payments. Then Ruddy was called and
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