School: Behey (roll number 8222)

Behy, Co. Donegal
Meadhbh, Bean Uí Dhochartaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1029, Page 27

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1029, Page 27

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  1. What’s working all day and sleeps in its bosom at night? A Fire [?]
    2 Four down hangers four stiff standers two looks two crooks and a swing- A cow.
    3 I have a mane with an iron throat as fast as she gallops she swallows the rope- A spinning wheel.
    4 A barn full, a spoon [x] byre full, you wouldn’t get a spoon full. Smoke.
    5 An iron ram with a woolen tail- A darning needle.
    6 How many grains of meal would make a square foot of poredge? One, if it was big enough.
    7 What make a hen peck the pot ?
    to [x] Because she has no tongue to lick it.
    9 What’s cut in the wood and sounds in the town and earns it’s master many a pound? A Fiddle
    10 Why do we go to bed? Because the bed won’t come to us.
    11 I have an old cow with her back to the wall.
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    1. genre
      1. verbal arts (~1,483)
        1. riddles (~7,209)