School: Behey (roll number 8222)

Behy, Co. Donegal
Meadhbh, Bean Uí Dhochartaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1029, Page 66

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1029, Page 66

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  1. Potatoes are grown on every farm in Behey. Up to quite recently the farmer only grew what potatoes he required for his own use generally about half an acre to one acre. The greater portion was meadow land.
    The farmer and his sons prepare the ground In level fields a plough is used but in mountain patches the spade. Potatoes are never set in drills in Behey. All ridges. In the spring when the farmer is about to break a new piece for potatoes he places a rope fastened with a piece of stick which he sticks in the ground. He then digs a seraw [?] along this rope the length of the field This is called coping. When the coping is complete he then spreads the manure (lyme or stable) on the ridges between the coping. The potatoes cut into seed are placed on the manure and are then covered with clay that is dug up from between the ridges. Later on when the potatoes are coming up fresh clay is put over them This is called “moulding”. Nothing is done then until they are weeded. In some districts the potatoes are set with a spade. The ground is prepared in drills with a plough and a “day’s selling” is given by the neighbours. The seeds are carried in bags
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