School: Gort na Carraige (Rockfield) (roll number 9009)

Knocknashangan, Co. Donegal
Nóra Nic Aodhagáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1029, Page 119

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1029, Page 119

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  1. Long ago Peter Carty (?) was very fond of drinking and was noted for his wit and hardly anyone could get the better of him. One morning he dropped into the local shebeen belonging to John O’Neill. He says to him “if you give me five shillings I will show you how you could take three different kinds of whiskey out of that barrel” pointing to the one he had set up behind the counter. The publican was delighted to hear of the plan so he paid the five shillings in welcome. “Get me a gimlet” said he and with this he bored a hole in the barrel “Hold one of your hands there” said Peter to john. He bored another hole and told him to put his other hand on it. John did so. He bored a third hole and told John to put his mouth on it. Peter bid him “good day” and went off for a quiet drink.
    Of course the publican could not follow or else his precious whiskey would run all over the place. He remained there until
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    AT1731: The Youth and the Pretty Shoes
    Kathleen Flynn
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    John Flynn
    c. 46
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