School: Clochar (roll number 13296)

Inishkeel, Co. Donegal
Seán Mac Giolla Bhríghde
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1049, Page 18

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1049, Page 18

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  1. The people of my district play lots of games at the wakes. This is their names, hide the gully, putting the eye in the pig, the Parish priest, and sell the knife. This is how they play hide the gully a man get a piece of turf and goes round the people with it and he say's hide the gully hide the gully in a wee wee well. then he asks some person who has got the gully if the person guesses right there will be nothing done on him but if he guesses wrong he will get penance to do and if he does not do the penance he will be blackened with polish
    This is how you play "sell the knife" a crowd of people sit round and every one must have a partner. The man that is giving out the game says that is a good knife. what ever person he points till, his partner has to answer. Then the man will say how much will you give me for the knife and he will point to some one else. If his partner dose not answer quick he will get
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    Patrick Moore
    Naran, Co. Donegal