School: Ráth Coille (roll number 15705)

Rathkell, Co. Mayo
Aindrias Ó Mórdha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0149, Page 157

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0149, Page 157

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  1. I live in the village of Derryhillagh, the parish of Crossmolina and the barony of Tyrawley.
    There are twenty-three dwelling houses eight of which are slated and the remainder thatched.
    The population is 125 and the area one square mile
    The land is of fair quality. The crops that are grown are potatoes, oats, wheat, turnips and cabbage.
    Each man sows about an acre and a half of potatoes and the same of oats. None of them sow wheat because the land is not fit to grow it.
    There are two rivers flowing through the district
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    Derryhillagh, Co. Mayo
    Annie T. Mc Hugh
    Derryhillagh, Co. Mayo