School: Skerdagh, Newport (roll number 3905)

Skerdagh Lower, Co. Mayo
James Deffely
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0086, Page 75

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0086, Page 75

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    He was sure that he was going to die. While he was lying there he saw a rat coming out of the fence. The rat looked round carefully and not seeing anyone he went in again. He came out again with a sovereign which he left on a stone. In this way he brought out 50 sovereigns and he started to clean them with a cloth. The man pulled himself together and though he was in terrible agony he made a rush and the rat cleared away.He put the money in his pocket When the rat saw that its money was gone it tore open its stomach with its teeth and soon perished.
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  2. The Miller and The Student
    Once upon a time there lived a miller and his wife. There was a young student on his way home from college and as it too late this night to get as far as his own house he decided that he wait until morning with his friend the miller. The miller was very busy when the young man arrived. He welcomed him and told him to go up to the house that his (the miller's) wife would look after him. When the young man knocked
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