School: Attymass B.

Attymass, Co. Mayo
P. Ó Flannghaile
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0127, Page 403

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0127, Page 403

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  1. Lá 'le Stiophán:-
    There are no customs connected with that day in this district.

    La 'le Brígde:-
    The night before St. Bridget's day is called Brídeóig's night. On that night the young boys and young girls disguise themselves in old clothes and put an old false face on them and old hats on their heads.
    They bring a stick with them. They get a turnip and cut a face in it and they make a "Miss Biddy" out of it and bring it with them also. They go round from house to house and ask a penny for the "Biddy." In some houses they get eggs and in other they get money or nothing. When they have finished they will divide the money with one another.
    Some times big boys and big girls go round with a fiddle not for money but for the fun of it. When they get into a house they will dance to the music. Sometimes they will ask bread and jam if it is late.

    Lá 'le Pádraig
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