School: Ceathrú na Laithighe (Brownsgrove) (roll number 12138)

Brownsgrove, Co. Galway
Pádhraic Ó hAnnracháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0040, Page 0405

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0040, Page 0405

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  2. XML Page 0405
  3. XML “The Three Foolish Gentlemen”

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  1. There was once three gentlemen and they sent their three sons to College for three years and as they used to come home on their holidays they used to have a good time going about wherever they liked. When they had their three years served in College they came home for good, and their parents were well satisfied.
    They got a party up for them one night and one of the boys father asked him, what was the best thing he learned and the son answered
    "Stilerento". The second man asked his son what had he learned and he answered "Henpickarumpo". The third man asked his own son and he said,
    "Fol the dedil I do".
    The three gentlemen were well satisfied and they sent the sons to England soon after to learn some more and when they went there, they had only two pence in their pocket and they were hungry and they looked around to see where they would get a bite to ate. They happened to go into a dentist shop and they called for "2 pighinn aráin". "Two teeth drawn" said the dentist and he pulled two teeth from him.
    He pulled the teeth from the three lads. A pound will be the fee said the dentist. We have no pound said the lads. I will get ye arrested said
    the dentist.
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