School: Gort na Gaoithe (roll number 14218)

Windfield, Co. Galway
M. Ó Lócháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0046, Page 0020

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0046, Page 0020

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  1. There was once a little taylor he used to go to the houses making clothes. He was working at one house and what he got for his dinner was cally when he sat down he was waiting to put butter in it there did about a thousand flies lie on it. He took up his lap board and killed them. He went to a steel smith and got it printed on his sword that he conquered thousands in his time and stopped tayloring. He went into a giant land and lay down as if he was asleep and the giant came the ? and the giant said fu fa fasoige. I think you to small to take you in two mouthfuls I will swallow you in one.
    When he picked up the sword and saw what was printed on it he got afraid of the tailor so he told him that he was a many year on the look out for a good man like him for a companion he brought him to his house and stead the night feasting. So the next morning the giant mother told them to fetch some water the giant brought out one barrell on his back. The tailor was not able to carry or roll it he wanted about till he got a spade the giant asked him what he wanted of that he said to dig up the well and bring it home O no said giant we would waste to much of it. The giant brought home his own barrell. The next challange was drinking porridge so the giant drank about five gallons the tailor did no what to do he
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