School: An Mullach (roll number 2964)

Mullagh More, Co. Galway
M. Mac Gothraidh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0058, Page 0063

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0058, Page 0063

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  1. Hudden and Dudden and Daniel O'Leary were three near neighbours in the Baroney of Ballina Conly. they had three small houses and a small patch of land each and lived alone with their mothers. Hudden and Dudden begrudged Daniel his own little patch of land. So they made up a plan one night to kill Daniel. Daniel was so cute that he knew their plans. He put his poor old mother in his own bed. So when Hudden and Dudden came to kill Daniel that night, Daniel was hid in his mother's bed. They killed his poor mother instead of Daniel. Poor Daniel was very sorry for his poor old mother.
    When they were gone, Daniel got up and put his mother upon his back and started for a small village town. Daniel sat down beside a well. He settled his mother with a stick to keep her from falling into the well. He went into this public to drink himself. While he was taking the drink, he said "I wish my poor old mother had a drop of this" "Why can't she have some or where is she" " She is trying to get a drink out of the well" said Daniel. "I will go out for her" said the woman of the house.
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