School: Cill Íomair (C )

Killimor and Boleybeg, Co. Galway
Eilís Ní Dhomhnaill Brighid Nic Chormaic
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0058, Page 0132

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0058, Page 0132

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  1. Near the churchyard of Killimor there lived an old woman. One night she was spinning flannel when in came a crowd of fairies and they said that they would help her to spin. One party began to spin and the other party began to weave it and within a few hours they had all the flannel woven.
    Then the woman did not know how to get the fairies out so she went to the door and shouted that " croc side gamna" was on fire. When the fairies heard this they shouted " my child will be burned " and they all ran out up to the hill. When the woman got them out she threw out the spinning wheel and flannel. She then locked the door, and after a while the fairies came back and when they saw the door locked they shouted " let us in spinning wheel" " I cannot " said the spinning wheel as I am out myself. They shouted " let us in flannel" "I cannot" said the flannel " as I am out myself". Then they had to go away and the spinning wheel was in the churchyard until a couple of years ago and the flannel is on the wall yet.
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