School: Leitre (roll number 16164)

Lettera, Co. Galway
Seán Ó Reachtaire
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0012, Page 096

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0012, Page 096

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  1. There is an old castle in this district. It is in the village of Learhin. It was built by the Danes hundreds of years ago. It is built in the middle of a field. This castle does not belong to anyone now. It was built very strong. The Danes built those castles to defend their territorys. The Irish people used to attack those castles. There is only the ruins of the gabel to be seen now.
    There are the ruins of an old church in Bweeounagh. It is said that it was St. patrick that built the first church in this place. Bweeounagh is called gloon because St. Patrick paid a visit to it. There is a well in Bweeounagh called St. Patrick's well. There is a stone beside this well and the track of St. Patrick's knees is left on this stone. St. Patrick blessed this well and he baptised the people in it. When he left Bweeounagh he send priests instead and they converted the people. They used to say mass for the people in the church. When this church was knocked they used have to say mass in the valleys and boglands. Every day the people used to assemble in two places to hear mass. One of these places is the village of Esker and the other is Lisheenheilite. The place where the priest used to say mass is called lag-an-Aifreann.
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