School: Baile Rua (Buachaillí)

Ballyroe, Co. Galway
Pádraig Mac Crosáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0014, Page 017

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0014, Page 017

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  1. The king of England and the king of Spain met togh together in a shower of rain. Put in a bag and tied with a string tell me that and I will give a gold ring. Answer: A pudding. 2 As round as an apple as deep as a cup. All the men in Ireland would not pull it up. Answer: The sun shining in a well. 3 The more you dig out of a thing the bigger it is getting. Answer: A well. 4 As round as an apple as flat as a pan one side a woman and the other a man. Answer: A penny. 5 Two long legs a small thigh a small head and no eye. Answer: A tongess. 6 Always in the water and always very dry. Answer: A water rat. 7 Between the Orange and the Green the cause of many a tragic seen. Answer: A fight between England and Ireland. 8 Then why kiss London why or or Rome and die and leave un-harrs'ed at home. Answer: A person dying and leaving his people after him. 9 Lashed by eternity's black waves but not as deep as friends should be. Answer: People going to hell and not friends with God. 10 It ever rolls to gain the sea like man to meet eternity. Answer: People wanting to be pagans. 11 Soon like full fledged bird away. Away it flies like lit spray. Answer: A shot going out of a gun. 12 Now swift now slow now shallow deep now peaceful as as baby asleep. Answer: A person lying comfortably in his grave. 13 Pay a visit to the old schoolhouse and to the church where I often knelt and prayed. Answer: A person
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    Thomas Rattigan
    Kilnalag, Co. Galway