School: Na Creaga

Creggs, Co. Galway
Liam Ó Breandáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0015, Page 148

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0015, Page 148

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  1. It was thought unlucky if the bride and bridegroom went together to the chapel. It would be considered an unlucky marriage if the sun did not shine and also if the rain fell. In olden ages it was the custom for an old woman to stand at the back of the door, where the breakfast was to be held and hold the wedding-cake in her hands. As the couple entered the house she was to break the cake on the bride's-head. The wedding was supposed to be unlucky if this was not done. If they met a red-haired woman the marriage was supposed to be unlucky and an old shoe was tied on the car for luck. This is an old broverb.- "Twice a bidesmaid never a bride," which means that person who stands for a bride on two occasions, will never get married.
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