School: Na Creaga

Creggs, Co. Galway
Liam Ó Breandáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0015, Page 174

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0015, Page 174

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  1. In ancient times, there was a pattern held in Glinsk every twenty nineth of June. It was established by the Burkes in the sixteenth century. On that day, there used to be great athletic sports, and a great music festival. There used to be running, jumping, weight throwing, and tug-o-war, and also competitions on singing, and dancing, and band contests. Thousands used assemble there on that day, mostly for the hearing of the pipers, harpers, and fidlers. There used to be horse and pony races also. They used to have them all decorated with different coloured ribbon and they used to their tails interweaved also. Gipsys used to be also present telling fortunes, and also a tribe of "trick of the loopes," "merry go rounds," "swinging boats," and refreshment tents.
    During the day, there would be all kinds of games carried on, (singin) with singing, and dancing such songs as Old Moore's Melodies, That used to be especially played by the pipers, such as "The Wearing of the Green" "Let Erin remember the days of old," "The Harp that once through Tara's Hall," and "The
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    Frankie Kilby
    Creggs, Co. Galway
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    Creggs, Co. Galway