School: Caladh (roll number 12119)

Callow, Co. Galway
Séan Ó Domhnaill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0005, Page 007

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0005, Page 007

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  1. There was once a king and a queen and they were giving big dinners and they got poor but they had a son who used to be always reading books and at last one day he read in a book that if he was going by the shore for a year and a day he would get a fortune. So he went by the shore for a year and a day and he got nothing and this was the last day and they had no food so he had to go fasting so he sat down by the shore and at last he saw a ship passing and it went away. After a while he saw a little boat coming in and it dried on the strand beside him and an old man came out and he asked him what was he doing there and the boy told him what he had read in the book. At last the old man asked him would he have a game of cards and he said he would and the old man asked him what would he wish for and he said he would wish his rooms to be filled with gold and the place where the food was to be full of food. So the boy won that game and the second one was about the old man himself to find out his house out there beyond
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