School: Caladh (roll number 12119)

Callow, Co. Galway
Séan Ó Domhnaill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0005, Page 016

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0005, Page 016

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  3. XML “The Haunted Castle”

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  1. There was once a man and he went to the King looking for work. The King told him he would give him work if he would stay in a castle a day and a night by himself and when he would see something happening to come and tell himself and when he would come he would get his £100. So he went to the castle and when he was sitting at the fire the first time what did he see coming down the chimney but a crowd of rats. He was not afraid of them but they all vanished in a moment. He went back and told the King what he had seen and he got his hundred pounds. He went back the next day and what came down the chimney again but a crowd of [men?]. They began dancing on the floor and the man went dancing with them and they went beating him and in order not to hear him crying they put him in a coffin and left him on the floor. He was now three months gone and one day the King went to look for him and he got him in the coffin on the middle of the floor. No one ever lived in that castle from that out.
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    Maggie Coyne
    Callow, Co. Galway
    Michael Coyne
    Callow, Co. Galway