School: Caladh (roll number 12119)

Callow, Co. Galway
Séan Ó Domhnaill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0005, Page 019

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0005, Page 019

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  1. There was a man coming from Scotland once and he met a little man who said he was very thirsty and could he do anything for him. Well said the man from Scotland I have only sixpence and that is no good to us. Come on said the little man we will get a drink for it. The two men went into the nearest public house and the little man gave the shopkeeper the sixpence. But when he was giving it to him he gave it the colour of a Sovereign. The shopkeeper gave them a lot of change. The other man said we have too much change now. Don't mind that you said the little man. The two men walked off then and one of them got thirsty again. Come in until we have another drink he said. Don't not mind said the little man there is a woman making a churn on that hill up there, let us go up and we will get a drink from her. How do you know she is making a churn said the man. She is he said. The two men went up and when they went in she was making a churn. They asked a drink. She got a mug and was going
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    Michael Mc Donnagh
    Callow, Co. Galway
    John Mc Donough
    Callow, Co. Galway