School: Corra Cluana (roll number 14054)

Corracloona, Co. Leitrim
Pádraig Ó Caomháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0193, Page 321

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0193, Page 321

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  1. Once a fairy came to a queen, who had a new born child and asked for it. The queen did not want to give the child away and the fairy told her that he would give her three days to discover his name, failing which he would take the child. On the following day , when the fairy came, the queen started to guess all the strange names she could think of, but none was the fairy's name. So he went away. The following day he came with the same result.
    The queen was very much afraid now because she had only one day to find out his name. So she sent a man out to see if he could discover the fairy's name. The man walked on and on until he came to a hill. He thought that he heard talking inside the hill. So he listened and this is what he heard "To day I'll stew and then I'll bake tomorrow. I will the queen's child take but it is funny that no one knows that my name is Rumpinstiliken. When the fairy came the third day, the queen told him his name. The fairy was so surprised when he heard his name that he hit his foot against the ground so hard that he stuck his foot in the ground and he pulled and pulled until he pulled his foot off. Then he limped home without the child.
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    There is a fort in Corranmore surrounded by trees.

    There is a fort in Corranmore surrounded by trees. Ill luck, overtakes anyone who cuts any of the trees.
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