School: Cill Cruain (C) (roll number 11187)

Ballyglass South, Co. Galway
Brighid Ní Náradaigh Cáit Bean Uí Standúin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0016, Page 348

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0016, Page 348

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  1. There are many wild birds in my district the following are some of them. The robin, wren, black-bird, thrush, sparrow, green linnet, chaffinch, gold finch, yellow hammer, willie-way tail, crow, mag pie, hawk, swallow, cuckoo, and corncrake.
    Some of those birds migrate- the cuckoo, the corn-crake and swallow which leave Ireland for the Winter and come back again for the Summer.
    The robin builds her nest in ditches. The blackbird builds her nest in thorn bushes and the thrush builds in thorn bushes or in elder trees. The sparrow builds under the eaves of houses, and the yellow hammer builds her nest in ditches. The green linnet builds her nest in furze and the willie-way tail builds in walls. The crow and the mag pie builds their nests on the top of the highest tree they can find. The swallow builds her nests inside the roof of a stable. The cuckoo builds no nest, but she lays her egg in some birds nest and the corncrake makes her nest in meadows.
    The robin and the wren and the smaller birds make
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    Kitty Griffin
    Bracklagh, Co. Galway