School: Inis Mac ón Tír (roll number 12854)

Inis Mhic an Trír, Co. Galway
Muireann Bean Uí Chuinneagáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0065, Page 147

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0065, Page 147

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  1. once upon a time there lived in the village of Castletown an old woman named Biddy.
    She had the habit of waiting up late at night, carding and spinning. one night three women came into her. one had a spinning wheel, and the other two, had each a pair of cards. They began carding, and spinning with her. when they were awhile in, Biddy said she would make tea for them. she got the can and went to the well for water. on her way she met her mother, who had died. five years before that, and she said ''good night'' and Biddy also said ''good night'' and said, she was in a hurry, as she had three women at the house,spinning and carding. Her mother said ''you have not,but you have three fairies, and they intend to bring you to night, as they brought your poor sister,Maggie a year ago'' but i will tell you what to when you go into the house say to them'' the big hill beyond the turn is on fire'' and they will rush out the door and say ''our house is on fire'' ''our house is on fire'' then you will have a chance to throw out all belonging to them, spinning wheel, cards, and all they will come back again, to night, when they find their fort is not on fire. anything they left their hands on, while you were out for the water, will have the
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    AT0501*: “The Fairy Hill is on Fire!”
    Jack Egan
    Castletown, Co. Mayo
    Peter Egan
    Castletown, Co. Mayo