School: Cnoc an Iubhair (C.)

Kealid, Co. Kerry
Máire Ní Cheallacháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0405, Page 328

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0405, Page 328

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  1. A boy whose name was Jack lived in Northern Ireland with his mother who was a widow. One morning his mother told Jack to dig the potatoes for their breakfast. It was a fine summer's morning and the midges were out. Jack was so much annoyed from them that he hit them with his hat and killed a thousand of them. When he came home he said good bye to his mother and then he set off in search of his fortune. He held walking until he came to a forge. He asked the black-smith to make a spear for him.
    When the spear was made, Jac set off again. After a while he came to a kings palace. He knocked at the door and the king came out. The king asked
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    John Flaherty
    Gortdromagownagh, Co. Kerry