School: Dromlachan

Sunnagh More, Co. Leitrim
Peadar Mac Giolla Choinnigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0221, Page 560

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0221, Page 560

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  1. Phil Keegan, nickmaked "Peter no tailor" lived in Aughakiltubrid about 80 years ago. He used to go around doing journey work and in his journeyings went as far as Dublin and Cork. He used to tell many stories of his travels. This story was told to me by Frank Quinn, Drumloughan, who heard it from his father, who heard Peter no tailor telling it himself.
    Peter no tailor was once coming from Dublin where he was working at the trade. He got as far as the Co. Westmeath and late at night came to this house. He looked in through the window first and saw a man and a woman in the room. He knocked at the door, and the woman opened it. Peter asked for a nights lodging and that he'd do any sewing she wanted. She said she couldn't take him in as her man was away in Mullingar selling oats, and that there was nobody in the house. But Peter faced his way in and said that he'd be all right beside the fire. The woman lried all plans to get Peter out but it was all no good. At last she
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