School: Beale (1) (roll number 7660)

Beal, Co. Kerry
Martin Beasley
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0399, Page 073

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0399, Page 073

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  1. Some of the games that i play are The Blind Mans Buff, playing marbles, blackberry picking, a game of football, hides and so on. Now i am going to describe one of them and it is the blind mans buff. First there is a cloth got and it is put around your face so that you cannot see anyone. Then you will have to round the house and try to catch some one . Then if you catch one that one will have to be put the cloth on his eyes. Then he will go and try to catch some other one and in this way the game is carried out. I would like to play this game. This is one of the games that is played indoor
    Martin Leahy
    Bromore, Ballybunion 18.11.1938
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    Martin Leahy
    Bromore West, Co. Kerry