School: Dún Béicín (roll number 14822)

Doonbeakin, Co. Sligo
Máire Nic Giolla Geanainn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0167, Page 0747

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0167, Page 0747

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  1. Many years ago there lived a family of Giants, named O'Donnells in the parish of Templeboy Co Sligo. There lived a tailor also in the same district. One day this tailor went out in the field and he saw a great number of flies on the ground, so he got a flat stone and threw it down on top of them and killed them. He then got a sword and printed on it "Able to kill one hundred with one blow." Next he went to the castle and he was not long there till one of the Giants ran out to kill him, but when he showed his sword he did not do anything to him. After a while the Giant's mother came out and invited him in as she was afraid he would kill them. That evening the Giants went out throwing an anvel, each one of them was able to throw it two. When it came to the tailor's turn to throw the anvel he took a grip of one side of it and stood there thinking as he did not know what to do, as he was not able to throw it. One of the Giants asked him what was he thinking about and he said he had a brother in New York and
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