School: Clochar Muire, Tobar an Choire (roll number 12166)

Tobercurry, Co. Sligo
An tSr. M. Nioclás
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0171, Page 356

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0171, Page 356

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  1. A Burning
    The Black and Tans were a military body who were sent over from England to defend the police. Those Black and Tans were ambushed at a place called Chaffpool. In his ambush District Inspector Brady, a member of the R.I.C., who was in charge was called on to surrender. He refused to do so. The Republicans fired at the lorry and mortally wounded D. I. Brady. He was not killed outright but lived for some hours and was attended by Rev. Father Burke.
    The Blacks and Tans brought D. I. Brady into Tubbercurry and asked the assistants in Mr. Cooke's shop for a glass of brandy and a shirt for the dying man. This they refused to give because they sympathised with the I.R.A.
    On the following night, the night of the first Friday of October the Year 1920, as a reprisal on the district for the shooting of D. I. Brady, the Black and Tans marched into the town and burned three houses to the ground. One of those houses was Mr. Cooke's. It was one of the largest and best shops in Tubbercurry, consisting of Grocery Bar and Hardware: Mr. Cooke employed from
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