School: Corr-Shaileach (roll number 12208)

Corsallagh, Co. Sligo
Tomás Ó Ceallaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0172, Page 044

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0172, Page 044

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  3. XML “Micilin na mBó”

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  1. Micilin na mBó was a little boy that lived on the ox mountains long ago minding cows he had no (land) learning and never heard or knew anything about religion except that our Lord was crucified by big wild men. Every day he used to fill the cows tracks with tears in pity for our Lord who was so badly treated On Sunday morning he used to see the people crossing the mountains coming to Mass and he asked where they were going and they said, to Mass. So he said he would go to see what Mass was. When he went into the Chapel a sunbeam crossed the Chapel from window to window and he threw his coat across the sunbeam and it held it up. The people were terribly surprised The sunbeam held up his coat for a few Sundays until one Sunday the coat fell to the floor. The people told the priest about the boy and the coat and how (a) the sunbeam held it up. At first the priest questioned him about the life he was living and Mícilin na mBo told him all, and
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