School: Sliabh an Mhadra (B.)

Slievawaddra, Co. Kerry
Liam Mac Énrí
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0416, Page 064

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0416, Page 064

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  1. There was a king there long ago and he had a daughter. And he said that he would give her to anyone that would tell him a story for ever. There did two men come to the King one day, and they told him a story which lasted for three hours and they had to go home. The following day they did another man come to the king and he said that he built a house and filled it with corn and he put a hole in the door in such a way that only one grain of corn could come out of the hole and the man said that they did a locaust come and carried off a grain of corn and another grain of corn and if they was coming in thousands they would not have it all carried and the man kept saying about an hour and at
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