School: Brosna (B.) (roll number 13018)

Brosna, Co. Kerry
Aonghus Ó Laochdha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0449, Page 270

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0449, Page 270

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  1. Long ago a man was born with a remarkable writing on his breast. It was written on his breast that if he got married he would die.
    It happened that one day he strayed to the king's palace and the king's daughter fell in love with him. They were married and they slept in the palace that night.
    About twelve o'clock a large dog came to the door and was trying to break it in. The king's soldiers made many efforts to shoot this dog but they failed. When the man got up in the morning he said he would not sleep in the palace any more. He left that morning and went to an old man, who lived alone in the montain. It happened that the old man had a little brown fox-terrier. He slept there that night and at midnight the same dog appeared. The little dog kept fighting with him all night till morning. When daylight came the dog disappeared and the man got up and continued his journey. He begged of the old man to give him his dog and he consented.
    He continued his journey through the mountain till he came to a little mud cabin. He entered and found an old man inside. When the old man saw the terrier he said "Is that my brother's dog" The old man had another dog, and they put
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    AT0934B: The Youth to Die on his Wedding Day
    Denis Roche
    Lavalla, Co. Kerry
    Phil Roche