School: Drumakill (roll number 6365)

Drumakill, Co. Monaghan
Florence Harrison
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0943, Page 141

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0943, Page 141

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  1. There was a woman in the townland of Drumakill many years ago and she had a calf. She took the calf to a fair in Crossmaglen, and she sold the calf to a dealer for six pounds. Then in a few hours one of her neighbours came and bought the calf for seven pounds. The woman did not tell the man that she had sold the calf to the dealer. In the evening the dealer (before this) came to take the calf away and the woman told him that she sold the calf to a neighbour man for seven pounds. Then the two men began to fight for the calf and the guards came. They took the woman to the barracks but later allowed her out on bail until the day of the courts. The judge said that the woman would be prosecuted. The woman went to a very learned solicitor in Castleblayney and she asked him what she could do about the matter, and he told her to whistle a few bars of an Irish Jig on the day of the courts to every question she was asked. She promised
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    Dorothy Harrison
    Church Hill, Co. Monaghan
    Mr John J. Prunty
    Drumakill, Co. Monaghan