School: Castleblayney (2) (roll number 10649)

Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan
William Boyd
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0943, Page 279

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0943, Page 279

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  1. A widow woman who lived in south Armagh sold a calf in Crossmaglen fair for eight pounds. A neighbour man came round to her (that) and told her that he would give her a pound more and to give the money back to the dealer who bought the calf.
    She accepted the neighbour man's money, but the dealer would not take the money back, he wanted the calf. A row arose between the neighbour man and the dealer with the result, that the woman was arrested. She got out on bail and got the calf home with her, pending a state prosecution. Now this poor woman was in an awful plight, having the two mens' money and the calf, the state prosecuting her for an illegal dealing. She went to an able solicitor in Crossmaglen who told her that he would get her out of it if she would agree to give him ten pounds. She agreed. He taught her to whistle a few bars of an ancient lullaby and told her to practice it well until the court day. Her solicitor told her to whistle this tune every time she was asked a question. At last her case came
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