School: Drummullan (roll number 13829)

Drummullin, Co. Roscommon
Séamus Mac Oirealla
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0249, Page 292

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0249, Page 292

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  3. XML “Cure of a Mad Dog's Bite”

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  1. Once upon a time there lived within a short distance of this school at the brink of Coxtown lake an old man and his only son. The old man was generally called Pat Mac. Like all the other youths, the son used to go out rambling every night. One night as he was coming hone he was attacked by a mad dog which gave him a bite. The lad passed no heed on the bite. After a while the wound festered and the lad was not able to move. After three or four days he was not able to speak. All doctors had failed to cure him. One night the father asked a few neighbours to smother the lad. An old monk who usually passed the way was in the habit of coming in to talk with the old man. About nine or ten o clock that night. He began to talk and they told him what they were going to do. He told them to get a boat and put the lad into it and put it out on the lake. After a few days the old man saw the young lad sitting up in the boat. He went as far as him and he spoke to him. He came out of the boat and went
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    1. activities
      1. medical practice
        1. folk medicine (~11,815)
    James Gormley
    Commeen, Co. Roscommon
    Martin Kearns
    Drummullin, Co. Roscommon