School: Clashaganny (roll number 8051)

Clashaganny, Co. Roscommon
Albert Flanagan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0252, Page 277

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0252, Page 277

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  1. Long ago there was a graveyard in Shrove no trace of it now remains the field is called "The Caldra" which means churchyard. The land is owned by Thomas Hanley of Clashaganny. A very strange incident occurred in this graveyard. A wealthy lady living in the vicinity died and was buried there, she had a valuable ring on her finger. A man living near by was so desperately hard up for money that he decided to open the newly filled grave and steal the ring. He went at night he himself and an accomplice and they succeeded in unearthing the coffin. The ring proved more difficult than they expected and could not be taken off so the only thing to be done was to cut off the finger. A knife was procured and the finger severed. To their horror the lady in the coffin screamed and sat up. The men thinking it was her ghost ran for their lives. She did not understand what had happened and made her way home to her friends they were all scared to see her and thought it was a ghost. They saw the blood dripping from her fingers but to their astonishment it was'nt a ghost it was the lady herself. She was suffering from stagnation of blood and believed to be dead. So the two thieves were the means of restoring the supposed dead girl to her family.
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