School: Kilmore (roll number 16637)

Kilmore, Co. Roscommon
Máiréad, Bean Mhic Giolla Críost
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0254, Page 175

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0254, Page 175

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  1. A Story of Landlordism
    The time the landlords were in Ireland there was a certain man and he had four sons. The father was a greedy old fellow and was very intimate with this certain landlord. There was another family in the neighbourhood who had a nice farm of land. Through a stroke of ill-luck, this family was not able to pay the rent. It was then the custom to throw out any one who could not pay the rent, and put in some one who could.
    This greedy old fellow coveted the farm of the poorer neighbour. He went to the landlord and said he would pay the rent if he would throw out the other family and give him the land. The landlord was very glad to hear he was going to get his rent so he agreed.
    The very next day the landlord had an eviction. He brought the sheriff and threw out this poor family on the road-side. A day or two after he got his rent and re-instated the greedy fellow with the four sons.
    When the neighnours heard this they were very sorry, so they agreed they would
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