School: Ballyleague (roll number 5973)

Ballyleague, Co. Roscommon
Patrick O' Dowd
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0259, Page 171

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0259, Page 171

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  1. A Story
    There was once a widow and she had three sons. When the oldest was twenty years old, he said he would go and seek his fortune, as the place was too small for them all to live on. He set out and towards evening he came to a fine house, and asked for work. The man of the house said he would give him work, but he would have hard tasks to do. He said you will have to look after my old mother and drive the cows as far as the dog brings you, and if you get tired of me I will take the skin off you. The next morning when the boy was eating is breakfast the old woman called him to rise her in the bid. He did so and when he came out off the room, the dog was watching and had his breakfast eaten. Then the
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    P.J. Glennon
    Cloonaddra, Co. Roscommon
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