School: Ballynacally, Inis (roll number 2189)

Ballynacally, Co. Clare
Tomás Ó Cuinneagáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0604, Page 154

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0604, Page 154

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  1. There was a man living in Co. Limerick and he had three sons. He was very poor and he said he would send them into the world to seek their fortunes. He told his servant to bake three cakes of bread - one large, one middle-sized one, and one small one. When the first one was baked he gave it to his eldest son and sent him off. As he was journeying along he met a little man and he asked him for a bit of bread, but he refused and said he wouldn't have enough for himself. Then the little man told him that he wouldn't have a day's luck. He set off again to look for work, but nobody wanted him. In the end he came home without anything. Then his father sent off his second son, but he came back as the first one. Then the father sent his third son with his cake and he met the same man as the other met. He asked him for some bread, and the boy told him to sit down and eat as much as he could. When the man had eaten he told the boy that he would be very rich, and that he would have to go to a king's palace which was many miles away. When he reached the palace he went before the king. When the king saw him he only made fun of him and said he was of no use. His first task was to jump into three barrels of boiling tar, and to come out unhurt. The boy put on the belt and
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