School: Cill na Móna (C.) (roll number 13626)

Kilnamona, Co. Clare
Síle Céitinn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0610, Page 316

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0610, Page 316

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    the fox kills fowl and eats them.The ferret drinks milk ,there is a cure in the milk the ferret leaves after him for the whooping cough.
    There is a cure in the flesh of the mice ,for the sting of the bee.
    I heard a good story about the cleverness of a fox.One night a fox got into a cabin and killed all the fowl and he could not come out and he knew he would be caught ,so he went in under the dead fowl and when the door was opened in the morning he escaped.
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  2. the wild animals to be found in my district are Rats,mice, weasels, rabbits and hares,these animals are usually found about the farmhouses and farm.the fox-is generally found where there are a lot of bushes ,he lives in a kind of cave called a den.
    Rabbits-are to be found in places called burrows .
    Hares-live in nests called "forms"these are usually two openings leading into the rabbit burrow ,so that he can escape from his enemies .Rabbits do a lot of harm on
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