School: Dundalk (roll number 16719)

Dundalk, Co. Louth
R.G. Smith
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0662, Page 020

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0662, Page 020

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  3. XML “Carlingford”
  4. XML “The Destruction of Carlingford”

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  1. The destruction of Carlingford Carolan king of the sacred city of Cahir Linn had a daughted named Aete. She was one of the chief priestesses of the temple. From the time she was a young girl she made a vow that she would keep all the laws of the temple. This was the only work she had to do and liked to do. One day a young man came from a foreign country to worship Lugh and Brigit the god and godess of fire. He became so interested in the priestesses work that he forgot what he had come for. He was especially interested in Aete. His name was Balla and he was one of the Greece champions. One day he climbed into the forbidden grave and luckily met Aete. They continued meeting each other every day and as she was one of the chief priestesses she had a special room of her own. In this room they could hide themselves and make plans without anybody knowing it. One day however they were seen talking and it was told to the priest. Aete was
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    Mervin Webster
    Ardee Terrace, Co. Louth