School: Cortown (roll number 3113)

Cortown, Co. Meath
Peadar Mac Gabhann
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0701, Page 031

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0701, Page 031

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  1. Once upon a time a giant lived in a castle and beside it stood a big house where a noble lord and lady lived. They had a son who was about seven years old who was called Philip. His father and mother were very fond of him. He used to play in the garden's. One after-noon Philip was missing and no one could think what had become of him. The lord sent out a lot of men to look for him but they could not find him. Now the lord had a servant called Robin Kelly. One night Robin saw in a dream Philip riding on a white horse. He told him he had been carried away by the giant Mahon and he asked him to rescue him before morning. Then the white horse struck Robins forehead. Then he woke up and dressed himself and went up to the castle. He saw a light in the castle. He entered in and found himself in a long hall. Then he came to a door and went in and at the head of a table was seated the giant. The giant asked him what he wanted and he said
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