School: Castletown

Castletown, Co. Meath
Owen Maguire
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0711, Page 266

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0711, Page 266

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  1. One night a man was going out to look at his sheep. In this field there was a gap and in this gap there was supposed to be a ghost. As he was going out the gap he saw a post. He had a stick with him when he went over he asked "Who are you" and he gave the imaginary ghost, the post, a blow and levelled it to the ground. He ran up along the ditch but came back and stood in front of the post and flung the stick at it. It was only when he went out on the road and sat down to think that he realised what it was.
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  2. Once upon a time there lived a man and his son alone on a small farm in the depth of the country. This old man said he would rear his son properly so he kept him within until he was twenty years so that he would not see anyone. On the day he was twenty his father took him to a market. He had not even saw anything during his life. As he went along he saw a lot of things in which he took great interest. The first thing he saw was cattle and he said to his father "Whats thim" his father said "Thim are cattle." He saw pigs and he asked "Whats thim" "Thim are pigs going to be sold" said his father. As he was nearing the town he saw a number of women with butter and eggs waiting to sell them. The son
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