School: Loughill, Longford

Laughil, Co. Longford
P. Ó Corcora
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0768, Page 355

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0768, Page 355

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  1. There was a King once whom it was said he would not die till three questions were put to him which he could not answer. He had three sons and he dreamt that they would bring his death. He sent them from home and one day he met them and they were arguing who should get the land. Each one said he was entitled to it. The King did not know which was entitled to it. So the first question failed the King. He then said he would give it to the smartest one. "Well" said the eldest one "I am so smart that if you let out six hares. I will catch them all." Very good said the King. That is nothing said the next. "I am so smart that if you let out twelve mice I would keep them in their own place." "That is nothing" said the youngest boy "I am so smart that if you let out a bag of feathers on a windy day I will catch them all and out them in a bag. I am as bad as ever said the King. "I will give it to the lazy fellow". The second question was gone. "Well" said the first, second "If there was a shilling on the road I would be to lazy to lift it." "Well" said the second fellow "If there was a reek of turf burning beside me I would not move till it would burn me up. "Well" said the third. "If there was a man pegging gold to me. I would not lift it" with laziness. The third had failed him and he died.
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