School: Carrigbyrne (roll number 4479)

Carrickbyrne, Co. Wexford
Máire Cuirtéis
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0882, Page 517

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0882, Page 517

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    There was a boy and his mother livin' in a sooty cabin and the boy was so lazy he was called ashy pit.

    There was a boy and his mother livin' in a sooty cabin and the boy was so lazy he was called ashy pit. He had to go to the well every morning with a little black dish for water for their breakfast. One mornin' he 'cot a fish in hs little black dish. The fish told him to let 'im off and to wish by his fish he 'cot in his little black dish for what ever he wanted and he would get it.
    He came home and told his mother what had happened.
    Then he wished for two plates of Callcannon and two lovely spoons to eat it an' two lumps of butter in it. He was just after saying that when they were before him. Then he went to the wood for sticks.
    He went in far in the wood an he was so lazy he wished that he would be put on the sticks and landed at his mother's door. So he was.
    There was a gentle man's house near
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    AT0675: The Lazy Boy
    Patrick Kehoe
    Carrickbyrne, Co. Wexford
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    Carrickbyrne, Co. Wexford