School: Curratavy

Corratawy, Co. Cavan
E. Ó Gallchobhair
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0964, Page 039

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0964, Page 039

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  1. As there was a “circle” of the Fenians in every parish in Ireland, there was one in Glangevlin also. Before a man could join the club, he had to take an oath that he would obey his leader, and give him every help he could when needed. These men lived in their own homes. When they were to have a meeting, a few men would give information to the others, the hour that it would be held, and also the place. The place was usually at a crossroad or in a mountain cave. The meeting was never held the same place, twice, least suspicion would arise.
    When the Fenians failed after the rising of (1867) there was not much stir in the country until Parnell came. The people here thought he was the best man ever came to help them. It was the chief talk of the neighbors that Parnell would surely get freedom this time. When he was going on well with his, a woman was bribed to give him a bad character on the newspapers. This woman's name was Kitty O'Shea. She said that he tried to take her from another man who was to marry her. There was a song made about this afterwards. Here is a verse of it:
    Kitty stepped up like a lady,
    With her mantle and fur of war.
    And instead of devotion, it was his whole motion,
    To continue gazing on Kitty, a gradh.
    Parnell got food for the poor people, and was distributed to them
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