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Use this facility to search for people associated with the materials in The Manuscript Collection, The Photographic Collection or The Audio Collection, i.e. the collectors, informants and other relevant persons. (If you want to search for people in the body text or title, use the text search.)

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  1. a' Búrc, Éamon

    de Búrc, Éamon

    Éamon Liam

    2 April 1866

    5 November 1942

    Aill na Brón, Co. Galway

  2. a Burca, Seán

    de Burca, Seán

    de Burca, Sean

    de Búrca, Seán

    c. 1858

    Ceathrú na gCloch, Co. Mayo

  3. a Burca, Doiminic

    1905 (uncertain)

    Ceathrú na gCloch, Co. Mayo

  4. a Burca, Mícheál

    a Burca, Michil

    de Burca, Michil

    c. 1908

    Ceathrú na gCloch, Co. Mayo

  5. a Búrca, Tomás

    a' Búrca, Tomás

    c. 1863

    Leitir Calaidh, Co. Galway

  6. a' Búrca, Seán

    a' Búrc, Seán

    c. 1856

    Aucloggeen, Co. Galway