School: Baile Mór Síl Anmchadha (Laurencetown)

An Baile Mór, Co. na Gaillimhe
Seán Ó Cogaidhín
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0055, Page 0142

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0055, Page 0142

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  3. XML “King Kieran”

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  1. King Kieran
    B. Donnelly, Dooras.
    This story was told to me by James Smyth. He says that he often heard it from John Barrett who died about thirty years ago a very old man. John was about to go to the fair of Cappatagle with the Callaghans of Corbally, and was to meet them on the Dooras road at four o'clock a.m. He went to bed early and when he awoke he got up but he did not know what time it was as he had no clock. He started out along the Dooras road. He came to a bush where he stood to light his pipe, when suddenly a little man appeared and asked for a light. He was about three feet in height, dressed in an old fashioned manner, and he wore a long beard. The little man said his name was
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    B. Donnelly
    Dúros, Co. na Gaillimhe