School: Tulchán (roll number 10097)

An Tulachán, Co. Liatroma
Seosamh Mac Guidhir
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0190, Page 120

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0190, Page 120

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    About a hundred years ago the people made their own dolls at home.

    About a hundred years ago the people made their own dolls at home. They did not buy them in the shop. They made the body and head out of old clothes and sewed it up together. They made the arms out of wood so as to have them stiff. Then they shaped out the face. They reddened a knitting needle in the fire and burned two eyes and they shaped out the nose and mouth in it. They also made dolls out of wood. They carved out the shape of the doll out of a big log of wood the shape of eyes ears nose and mouth and then they painted it some colour. About a hundred years ago the people always used rush candles before they got the oil. They also made the candles themselves. They peeled the green off the rush and left the white part of the rush and one stripe of the green. Then they melted grease 'tala' they called it. It was the fat of a pig and they melted that and rubbed the rush up and down
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    1. gníomhaíochtaí
      1. gníomhaíochtaí sóisialta (~7)
        1. siamsaíocht agus caitheamh aimsire (~5,933)
    Bridget Mc Gowan
    Gearrdhroim, Co. Liatroma