School: Baile Tighe Dhomhnaill, Malla (roll number 12447)

Baile Tí Ó nDónaill Thiar, Co. Chorcaí
Domhnall de Barra
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0374, Page 072

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0374, Page 072

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  3. XML “Cahirmee Fair”

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  1. The townland of Cahirmee is situated halfway between Buttevant and Doneraile. Here are two fields where a very famous fair was held long ago which was called "Cahirmee Fair". The names of the fields where the fair was held were known as the galloping field, and the market field. The market field was occupied by horses, buyers and travellers. The galloping field was the one in which the horses galloped before they were bought. In the market field also there was a double row of tents running through the middle of it in the form of a street. There was also a tent for Vetinary Surgeons to examine the horses. A house stood on the side of the the road in which men used to put their coats, saddles, and bridles.
    Nowadays this fair is not held here. The owner let the fields to the Military in the year one thousand nine hundred and twenty to exercise their horses and the people
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