Volume: CBÉ 0460 (Part 2)

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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0460, Page 0198

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  1. Long Story
    Jack the Giant Killer or Jack from Galway.
    Jack was a small farmer's son that lived in the County Galway, who heard of neighbours going away, who did great deeds & all that, getting bags of money, killing giants and so on. One day Jack told his father & mother that he'd go and seek his fortune too. So his mother, with tears in her eyes, baked him a cake; and off started Jack.
    He travelled away all day and a part of the night when he began to feel tired and weary. So he sat down in the ditch where he very soon fell asleep. It was in the summer time, in the month of May, and when he awoke the sun was high up in the heavens.
    "Begon", said Jack, "this will never do at all. But before the start I'd better ate a bit of cake". So he did.
    "Now I'm better", he said to himself, "I better be taking the road".
    He travelled away not knowing where he was going and caring less, until he began to feel hungry again. So he sat down on the
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    December 1938
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